Lacerate(verb): to tear.

I think from now on I’ma put a new word as my titles for these blog thingys. Sound good? Good.

Well today I guess was a pretty good day, some drama near the end of it, but oh well I guess.

Now to the thing that’s bothering me the most. How in hell can you prove to someone you love them with all your heart no matter how far away they live from you?? Because no matter what I do he doesn’t seem to believe me, I try and try, but he always doubts it. I guess you could say he has trust issues, but I can’t be upset at him for it because I’m the same way, although I seem to believe him more and more whenever he says he loves me, so I guess you could say I’m working on my trust issues problem. Now I’ve just gotta find a way to prove to him I love him and always will. Ugh…help. I need help!

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